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Hens for sale

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$8 each or 7 for $50

If you are wanting a specific amount of hens eg. 3 hens, then click add to cart 3 times.


The breed of these birds is Hyline. 

These hens have gone through a moult, some are still in the moult. With the age of the hens you should expect around a 70-75% lay rate. Eg if you have 7 hens you should get around 5 eggs a day.

 Whilst we respect everyone has their own uses for hens please note that these hens are bread for laying and not eating so there is not a lot of meat on them and will be pretty tough if you do decide to eat them.



Collection day - Friday 24th June 6:30-7:30pm only

Hens will need to be collected in the evening after they have roosted between 630-730pm. This is to cause the least amount of stress for the hens

Start thinking now about how you will transport the chooks home. A large cardboard box approx. 640x380mm will fit around 7 chooks.

 We will have a limited supply of boxes which will be $2 each.


Collection address: 1926 Christchurch Akaroa Rd, Gebbies Valley