Older laying hens and young pullet hens now available for pre-sale

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$8 each or 7 for $50


The breed of these birds is Hyline. They were hatched on 18/02/20  and had all appropriate vaccinations before we received them at 18 weeks old.

 These hens have gone through a moult, some are still in the moult. With the age of the hens you should expect around a 70-75% lay rate. Eg if you have 7 hens you should get around 5 eggs a day.

 Whilst we respect everyone has their own uses for hens please note that these hens are bread for laying and not eating so there is not a lot of meat on them and will be pretty tough if you do decide to eat them.



Hens will need to be collected in the evening after they have roosted between 730-9pm. This is to cause the least amount of stress for the hens

Start thinking now about how you will transport the chooks home. A large cardboard box approx. 640x380mm will fit around 6 chooks.

 We will have a limited supply of boxes which will be $2 each.

If you would like to continue their current feed for a couple of days you can buy 2k of their feed from us for $5.

Collection address: 1926 Christchurch Akaroa Rd, Gebbies Valley



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